Together WE gives HOPE a reason

Together WE gives HOPE a reason  When hope is all you have – it might be all you need.
Take Care Group is about doing a differnce. We are directly connected to the Casa Feranza organization with focus on creating jobs and new possibilities for the youth in Africa.

Take Care Group is about going extra miles for kids and young people. Especially for those with little or no hope. We have no limits.

Via our organization of more than 2000 volunteers we find problems and try to solve them or at least do a positive difference. Maybe a child is sick and left on the street. Maybe some kids need glasses or hearing aids or maybe we arrange a Christmas party for all kids in a street in Nigeria.

We are here to do a difference. We are here to give hope a reason.

Our volunteers are a mix of volunteers in Africa and volunteers worldwide. We are mid 2015 growing our organization of volunteers with about 50-70 people a week.

Nobody connected to Take Care Group are having a salary. All are working for free. Some find problems – some is a part of finding the solutions.

Financing of our activities is a mix of financing from the Casa Feranza organization and income from different activities. Activities can also be volunteer worldwide contacting hospitals to hear if they have hearing aids they no longer use etc.

All our visions and ideas are based on doing small and good things. But then make 1000 and then more 1000 of people doing small and good things. We believe that this is what real changes are made of.